About Odisha
About Odisha

About Odisha

Indian state Odisha (Orissa) is located on the east coast of India, by the Bay of Bengal, and is the modern name of the ancient nation of Kalinga. The state is famous for its being the land of numerous marvelous temples and wonderful monuments bearing everything that make it magnetize tourists from India and abroad.

Odisha is eminent for several prolific artists as well as prominent craftsmen. It’s a major tourist attraction in India due to its being the land of fantastic beaches, wildlife sanctuaries and riveting natural landscape. Although Odisha is quite prosperous in natural and artistic destinations yet it is waiting for more tourists from round the world, for accelerating Odisha Tourism.

Moreover, the eastern state of Orissa is quite wealthy in terms of natural wealth, from boarder to boarder. High hills and mountains of the Eastern Ghats shut the western borders of the state. As much as 96,000 square miles (156,000 sq kms) of tranquil rustic area is located here. Orissa is home to three mighty rivers and also to the largest fresh and salt water lake in Asia.

Hindu Pilgrimage Destinations

Orissa is also a home to the dozens of the religious places for pilgrimage in the country, the best reason for people to visit the state. The state capital Bhubaneswar houses ancient temples, including the famous Lingaraj Temple built in the medieval period. One of the four most celebrated religious centers of India Puri is also is a city of Odisha. Jagannath Puri temple, the foremost epicenter for the festival of the Rath Yatra, is situated in Puri.

Buddhist Pilgrimage Destinations

It was Odisha where an ambitious emperor Ashoka laid down the weapons of violence and adapted a life of Ahimsa in the form of Buddhism after the Kalinga war. Odisha is now a famous Buddhist destination, having various monuments at Ratnagiri, Udayagiri, Lalitgiri, and Dhauligiri.

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